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Sunset over canal

I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself and put a face to the name. I am Sinéad and I live in a beautiful wooden topped narrowboat. It has been my home for the last 4 years with my husband and 2 cats.

Narrowboat on canal

We are travelling around the English and Welsh waterways and make all kinds of handcrafted items. My inspiration comes from nature and the fairy tales I read as a child. Surrounded by magical woodland and waterways, it is a stunning setting for creativity.

We travel through both countryside and urban areas. It is an exciting part of narrowboat life to be able to experience different parts of the country. I love the changing views and people we meet along the way.

Gypsy horses on common ground
Gypsy horses on common ground

We are currently on the Staffordshire and Worcester canal heading for Stourport-on- Severn. A beautiful stretch of canal that cuts through sandstone and woodland, passing by the Severn Valley Railway and towns such as Bewdley.

grey day on the canal
Grey day on the canal

As part of our licence conditions we continuously cruise which means that we don’t have a home mooring and must keep moving. This is a lot of hard work but all part of the adventure! We move every 2 weeks so there is an ever changing landscape. Our lives are affected greatly by the seasons but this has made me feel closer to nature than ever before.

Narrowboat exiting lock
Narrowboat exiting lock

ll started 5 years ago when I had the idea to make some wooden angel wings. An idea that quite literally took off ( pun intended! )and allowed me to leave my job as a welfare adviser and for us to start the Anzi’s Wood business.I make the wings for many reasons, sometimes it is just a decoration for a room but often they are made in memory of a loved one. It is very touching to hear the stories behind the reason for ordering the wings. I can’t lie, I have shed many a tear!

angel wings on wall above bed
Angel wings wall decor

Our Facebook page Anzi’s Wood has been going for around 6 years now and we have many loyal customers and supporters. We have made firm friends all over the world and our wings often go to America and Australia. One set was even worn at the Mardis Gras in New Orleans!

Lady wearing wings at mardis gras
Anzi’s Wood Wings at Mardis Gras, New Orleans

We were in the process of rebuilding a seventy foot narrowboat at the time, using recycled wood and other treasures that we had collected. This allowed me to move onto the boat and start my nomadic crafting life. Living the dream! Serendipity at its magical best! Everything just fell into place.

narrowboat during renovation
Rebuilding narrowboat, check out our building journey here
narrowboat in winter
Frosty morning on the canal

A year ago, almost to the day, I went to a “learn to crochet” class. I had decided that it was something I just had to do after trying on and off since I was 16 with no success .

In the days before the internet existed it was much harder to learn new skills. I lost count of how many times I threw my terrible attempts at crochet across the room and vowed “never again!”

Captivated by some beautiful shawls that I found on Etsy, I was hooked! They were unlike anything I had seen before. Applique flowers, mushrooms, hearts and animals on bright colourful wraps. I was fascinated by this wonderful freestyle crochet and it sparked a desire to create something of my own. The crochet artist was Pollevie, a Dutch lady with an incredibly colourful and beautiful style.

crochet shawl with flowers
Crochet shawl in progress

Hours were spent on Pinterest , pinning like a mad woman! Blankets by Lucy at Attic 24 kept coming up and when I discovered a Facebook page dedicated to sharing and supporting the making of these wonderful blanket designs I knew I was going to do it this time.I was determined to learn to crochet! The crochet class set me off on my way, my first granny square was complete!

granny square
Granny square crochet skirt

Since that first pivotal moment in my crochet life I have barely put my hook down. If I’m not crocheting then I will be thinking about crocheting. Total obsession! I love everything about crochet and the community is amazing! Incredible talent and wonderful designs to inspire and admire. The colours, the textures I love it all!

granny square blanket on bed
Granny square colourwash blanket

So many people have said to me that they wish they could crochet! I am determined to get as many people as possible to achieve that dream. It is a hobby for anyone, relatively cheap with no expensive equipment to buy. Once you learn to crochet you will never be bored again! That’s a promise!

I hope you will join me as I travel around the UK waterways and that you will enjoy this magical journey as much as I do.

Sunset over canal
Sunset over canal, Stourbridge

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  1. Catherine Simpson says:

    Love this site .. well done Sinead!

  2. Melanie says:

    Lovely life…I’m still trying to learn crochet!! It didn’t help that Mum was left handed and tried to teach us through a mirror! Makes me dizzy remembering.

    1. anziswood says:

      Hi, Melanie, thank you!I certainly can’t complain, I love every minute.
      I have been trying to teach my friend who is left handed. It makes my head spin trying to explain some stitches! It is certainly not easy for a left hander but she is getting there.

  3. Hi, just reading your post. We are on a boat as well but we do have a mooring cos of this going to work thing😟
    I am progressing with crochet and love it . Going to learn to knit this year as well. I all so love sewing as well . Love to have a project on the go. If you are ever on the south Oxford I would love to meet and talk crochet xx

    1. anziswood says:

      Hi Jane, we were on the Oxford in the summer after coming off the K n A. Next time we are down that way I will give you a shout, thanks! Its a great stretch of canal, we really enjoyed it. I darent start knitting, I have a ridiculous amount of projects already! We are fortunate to be able to work from the boat at the moment but if the right mooring came up I think we would consider it after spending a few winters knee deep in mud and negotating slippery lock ladders with numb fingers, move day can be such a challenge! (Choosing a polite word for it!) Hope to cross paths one day! Xx

  4. KelleyB says:

    Incredibly awesome!!

    1. anziswood says:

      Thanks Kelly!

  5. Hi Sinead
    I loved your website and envy your way of life! I have been an avid crochet nut for years. Starting off with Granny squares as a child and through my teens and then in my 20’s rediscovering my passion for crochet by learning from tutorials online for more exciting stitches and techniques. And let me just say…I will never do a Granny square again!!!! I love to pace of crochet and the variety of stitches. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than creating pieces for my daughters, friends and family.
    Happy travels and enjoy creating. If you’re ever near Burton on Trent – gimme a nudge!
    And if you ever need inspiration – check out Russian crochet on You tube. It will blow your mind!
    Kind regards

    1. anziswood says:

      Hi Ali! Thank you! Crochet is certainly a never ending journey of learning, I am absolutely fascinated by it all. Yes granny squares can be a pain! Those ends!We are actually heading towards Burton direction on our way up North this year. Dont think we actually go through but very close. I will keep you posted! Thanks for your comments x

  6. Rebekah says:

    If you need any wool just let me know im get rid of my stash Rebekahx

    1. anziswood says:

      Hi! Im heading back Warwickshire direction over next month or 2 that would be great, thanks! xx

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