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Goodbye January! Hello Saint Brighid’s Day!New Beginnings and Adventure.

narrowboat on canal

I think a lot of people are glad to see the back of January. It is a hard month for some financially and many are still reeling from the effects of Christmas stresses and expectations. February is a month of new beginnings!

Railway bridge over frozen canal
Frozen canal by Falling Sands railway bridge.

January has been a month of both planning and procrastinating .So many plans, not enough action. Slowed down by a lingering cold virus and sub zero temperatures it has not been as productive as I would have liked. However I feel that sometimes we need to take the time to be kind to ourselves, decide where we are going in life and get the rest we need ,so it has not been fruitless.

February 1st has been a significant day since ancient times. Traditionally the first day of Spring so a fitting day for new beginnings that are under the surface just waiting to spring forth and bloom.

Known as Imbolc (pronounced Ee-molc) it is a day to celebrate the passing of winter and the return of the sun. With half the country blanketed in snow this is hard to visualise but there are stirrings of life beginning to emerge.

It is also known as St Brigid’s Day. When Ireland converted to Christianity the church allowed people to worship some of the old Goddesses and St Brigid was one of them. Claimed as their own, as with many pagan traditions. She is the patron saint of many people; boaters, sailors, blacksmiths, poets and watermen, amongst others, but is widely known as the Goddess of hearth and home. Quite a fitting Goddess or Saint for a boaty person such as myself!

February is a good month to start breathing life into the plans and resolutions you made at the beginning of January. I am a firm believer in setting your intentions for the coming year , sometimes this is an easy process but it can take a considerable amount of thought, as it has with me this year. Running a small business can be hard with no paycheck at the end of the month but the freedom it gives me is priceless even though my bank account has seen better days!

I have spent the last month with my usual crochet projects and a few new ideas kicking around. Crochet will never make anyone rich but with the potential of now being able to write simple patterns and blogging it may just be possible to eek out a living along the way.

I have found that my Alice in wonderland stitch markers have been quite popular so far with many going to the USA. It is always exciting to know that my creations are flying off to another part of the world! I have made some into brooches as a few people have requested them. Fingers crossed my Etsy sales will pick up as it has not been an effective selling platform so far but I will keep plugging away!

Kilt pin brooch with Alice in Wonderland charms
Alice in Wonderland brooch on kilt pin

My plan for February is to write some patterns. I have signed up with The Crochetpreneur, Pam Montgomery Grice to get some patterns written and out there. This is a “Concept to Launch crochet pattern challenge” and I am confident it will get me to pull my finger out and find the confidence to get started. She has a lot of very useful resources for anyone starting a crochet business and is quick to help with advice and support so check her out !

If you want to give it a go the link is

I have written 2 patterns for wrist warmers and a matching ear warmer so I am hoping to get them out there. It is just a small step but everyone has to start somewhere!

crochet wristwarmer holding coffee cup
New crochet patter written by me!

Move days have been so wet and cold! We have chosen not to move far to make it easier on ourselves. We have plans to move slowly towards the North of England over the next year so will cover plenty of miles in fairer weather. It is a part of the canal system that we have not yet explored and I am eager to see what adventures lie ahead. We will not be able to go on some parts of the waterways, namely the Leeds and Liverpool canal as we are to long for the canal locks but there are rivers and canals a plenty! It is an exciting part of canal living to be able to venture into parts of the country that I would not have otherwise seen and the characters you meet along the way make it all the more enjoyable. We have made firm friendships on all of our travels, both boaters, land lubbers and of course a few swan families.

Swan family in canal
Swan family breaking through the ice

A travelling life means that plans are always changing and you need to be adaptable but it is a way of life that I treasure. I have options to make my life into anything I choose with adventures along the way and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Looking forward to new beginnings and the year ahead.

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  1. Eleonora says:

    Lovely blog post Sinead… really enjoy your narrowboat adventures… and good luck with the patterns! 😊❤️

    1. anziswood says:

      Thank you so much Eleonora, I am a big fan of your patterns and life by tbe sea so that is much appreciated!

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