Pattern Writing Challenge.

crochet gloves and balls of yarn

I have been toying with the idea of pattern writing for a while. As I am relatively new to crochet this is a daunting concept. I have created more than a few simple items without a pattern and feel that I need to start writing them down. I do not use formulas or any clear method I just do it by eye. While this has worked for me it is not a very accurate way of trying to creating a pattern suitable for public use. Help is needed!

crochet glove half finished
Working pattern by eye

I joined a few Facebook groups as they are often very useful for support in many areas of life. By far the most useful I have found is

The Crochetpreneur is Pam Grice a lady who is dedicated to helping others achieve their crochet business dream. The tools and free advice she provides are indispensable. A wealth of valuable information and support. Despite being a very busy lady she takes the time to help people individually.

Passion is everything , without it you just wont put the hours in to achieve your dreams and by lifting others up along the way I feel that this is a solid way to reach those goals. The crochet community is, in my experience , full of helpful, wonderfully passionate people that never fail to inspire me. There is so much support out there and all within reach with social media. Learning new skills has never been so accessible and achievable, as it is today.

Quite a few people message me to say that I have inspired them to crochet again after many years and a few have taken the time to learn after being bombarded with my crochet love posts on social media. This makes me so happy! Crochet is a hobby accessible to all, relatively cheap and with so many amazing designers out there the choice of items to make is astounding! I can spend hours on Pinterest pinning , oooing and ahhing at the gorgeous stuff on there! Crochet has had a massive revival since the scratchy tank tops and dresses of the 70s! I am really looking forward to adding my own creations to the colourful world of Pinterest.

A free pattern writing challenge is the latest activity from the Crochetpreneur and perfectly timed for my attempts to get my patterns down on paper. If it is something you would like to join in with do check out this link. It really does teach you a lot.

I am however struggling with the math aspect of pattern writing. My head goes into a melt down when numbers are introduced, I shall persevere despite this! It is a necessary evil in pattern writing. Everything comes down to numbers! I am starting to wish I had listened more during algebra!

Never to do anything by halves I am dedicating most of my day to this until I have mastered it. Coffee, music and lots of help from my chief yarn tester needed!

cat on blanket
Vad chief yarn tester

So here I go! Off into my pattern writing and designing journey! Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi Sinead,
    I discovered your page purely by accident late last year and love it.
    My partner and I have recently moved onto our first narrowboat and are loving the challenges and joys it brings.
    I am looking to start a blog about our adventures and my crochet passion, which I have been doing on and off since I was a young girl. Mainly to let family and friends see what we are up to and maybe sell a few of crochet creations along the way.
    Your posts are inspiring and full of helpful advise so thank you. Keep up the great work.
    Stay warm.

    1. anziswood says:

      Hi Sue,how exciting! Narrowboat life certainly has its ups and downs but Im sure you agree that life is never dull! Yes a blog is a great idea! Lots to talk about, that is for sure. I’m so pleased that you are enjoying my posts.Please let me know if we are crossing paths!Do check out the lady I mentioned in my post she has tonnes of info on getting started with blogging. Happy cruising! Sinead x

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