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Fabulous Frida!

Chair and Frida cushion

This fun applique pattern can be used to embellish plain canvas bags, denim jackets, cushions and shawls. Let your imagination run wild! This is my crochet homage to the wonderful artist and amazing character that is Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo cushion
Frida cushion by @lamarshian

Frida Kahlo was a remarkable woman. Born in the early 1900s she was an artist who painted self portraits( the original selfie! ) and art inspired by Mexican artefacts and nature.

Jacket upcycled by @crochetinstinct

Her art also depicts moments of pain such as her husbands affair with her sister and the agony of injuries inflicted upon her due to an accident and childhood illness . She had a troubled life after suffering polio as a child and a terrible bus crash in her teens resulting in a life of pain. She began to focus on her art work while recovering from multiple fractures.

Chair and Frida cushion
@lamarshian cushion using Anzi’s Wood design.

One of her paintings recently sold for 5.62 million dollars although she did not sell many paintings while she was alive.
She was a sexually liberated woman and had many affairs of her own, some with women and also the famous communist Leon Trotsky.

Wall Hanging
Frida Wall Hanging

Her distinctive looks, have been used since her death, at the very young age of 47 , in many images and art forms. I’m sure a lot of people recognise the distinctive eyebrows and floral head piece but many are not aware of the amazing character behind them.

Frida cushion
Cushion by @lamarshian using Anzi’s Wood applique design

Use this pattern to embellish anything you like. I would love to see your makes! One of my pattern testers @taranicoleart made her into a crossover bag. @lamarshian made this fun cushion pictured above. @crochetinstinct made a gorgeous denim jacket design .You can tag us on Instagram @anziswhimsicalworld
Get your pattern here. For the basic wall hanging pattern check out my free patterns section here.

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