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Kitty Fishy- Amigurumi Goldfish.

Crochet goldfish in bowl
Cat and crochet goldfish
Queenie and her fish

These cute little fishies can be whipped up in a flash. Put them in a glass bowl with gravel and a little crocheted pond weed for an everlasting pet. No tears and toilet burials with these little cuties!

Crochet Goldfish
Just swimming around

Or you can stuff with cat nip and give to your kitties as a toy. Attached to a piece of elastic and a stick they will have hours of fun.

cat and crochet goldfish

Just don’t leave the bag of cat nip lying around as it really is kitty crack! My female cat Queenie quickly tore open the bag and was found writhing in ecstasy on top covered in her own slobber!

They also make fun charms and can be added to a bag or keychain.

crochet goldfish key chain
Fishy key chain

So here is the quick and easy pattern. You can find it below or download free for later here

Using any colour cotton yarn.( I used Drops Muskat.) and a 2.5mm hook. UK terminology

CH 2
Round 1: 6 DC into 1st CH (6 )
2: 2 DC in each DC around (12 )
3: DC in each stitch around (12 )
4: (2 DC in next DC, DC in next DC) repeat around (18 )
5: DC in each stitch around (18 ) 6: (2 DC in next DC, DC in next 2 DC )repeat around (24 )
7: DC in each stitch around (24 8: (2 DC in next DC, DC in next 3 DC) repeat around (30 )
9-14: DC in each stitch around (30)
15: (DC2tog, DC in next 3dc) repeat around (24 )
16: (DC2tog, DC in next 2DC) repeat around (18 ) 17: (DC2tog, DC in next DC) repeat around (12 )
Stuff with a mixture of stuffing and catnip. Pinch closed and stitch the gap shut with 6 DCs along the edge.

Turn and CH 4 ( counts as a triple treble), TR TR into same stitch.
( DTR into next ST twice) Repeat 3 more times. TRTR ino last ST twice. fasten off.
CH 2 , DC 5 times into 1st CH. Turn CH 1 , DC 5 times into previous row. Fasten off and sew on securely.

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