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Granny Square Day 2019- (and a free Granny Frida pattern.)

Granny Frida Striped

It was Granny Square Day 2019 over on Instagram last week. It is run every year and was started by Susan Regalia when she realised that the Instagram grid would make the perfect virtual granny square blanket. What a fabulous idea!

Virtual granny square blanket
Virtual granny square blanket, creations by fellow Instagrammers.

Soon thousands of people were submitting their squares under the hashtag #grannysquareday and the Granny Square Day was born. It has been running since 2014 and has gained in popularity creating a veritable hub of excitement on August 15th.

There are so many styles of the granny square from basic stitches to intricate 3d pieces. I chose a couple of free patterns by Nadia Fuad of Yarnutopia. She made 365 Days of Granny Squares with brilliant YouTube tutorials that guide you through every step. Perfect for beginners wanting to try something a little bit more adventurous.

Dragonfly granny square
Dragonfly granny square

I made a dragonfly and a snail. We see a lot of dragonflies on the canal and I found a snail in my wall vase the other day so thought they were fitting choices. How the snail managed to get on the boat I will never know. He was quite big! Did you know that some snails can live up to 25 years? Hopefully, he will have a few more left in him now I have released him back into the wild!

Snail Granny Square
Snail Granny Square

I also made a square with an angel wing heart, I couldn’t resist with wings being such a huge part of my small business!

Angel Heart crochet square
Angel Heart crochet square

The contributions to this year’s Granny Square Day were incredible, absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t get enough of looking at them. My 2 favourites were a granny square featuring a real granny by the lovely Natalie @sewing-the-seeds-of -love ( seriously, what a fantastic idea!).

Granny Square
Granny Square by Sewing The Seeds Of Love

Check out her account here for a colourful treat on the eyes. You might even spot my Beatrix Bee in there!

My other favourite was an Intergalactic Whale Shark making stars in the universe by @snapdragonbrand which was also submitted into the Yarn Bombing Day 2019 at a festival in Trivento Italy. Isn’t it wonderful that people from all over the world are brought together by the love of crochet!

Whale Shark Granny Square
Intergalactic Whale Shark granny square by @snapdragonbrand

Ashley makes incredible colourful creations from recycling old crochet blankets into clothing. She also has a range of printed leggings and dresses with granny squares. Her daring, funky designs really embrace her love of colour and granny squares. Check out her wonderful, rainbow-filled creations here. Such brilliant ideas and fab designs! If ever there was a Queen of Granny Squares I think it must be Ashley.

Inspired by Granny Square Day I decided to design a Frida Kahlo square. It’s an effortless design and really quick to hook up.

Granny Square Frida Kahlo
Granny Frida Crocheted by @mochi-noodle
Turquoise Granny Square Frida Kahlo
Turquoise Granny Frida

I plan to do a more complex Frida design if I can! Also a flower square with the intentions of putting them together into a blanket. I’m still very new to crochet so this is a big challenge for me!
You can get the free pattern for my Granny Frida here.

Granny Frida Striped
Granny Frida Striped

The granny square is a versatile thing. It can be used not only for blankets but to make bags, clothing and homeware such as cushions and coasters. So versatile and so much fun!

Crochet bag
Granny Square Bag, pattern from Ratschebutsch
Granny square blankett on narrowboat bed
Colour wash granny blanket on my bed
granny square
Granny square crochet skirt

It has come a long way since the ’70s and with the extensive ranges of yarns available to us now anything is possible. Whatever you choose to do with them, you’ve got to love a granny square!

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