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Granny Frida Cushion

Crochet granny square cushion on grass

Inspired by my previous Frida makes and armed with a decent amount of spare Ricorumi DK cotton I set about putting some squares together to compliment my Granny Frida, granny square.

Granny square, striped with Frida Kahlo
Granny Frida Square ,Striped

My fabulous patter testers provided some more colourways which I love. I rarely choose pink or pastels myself but absolutely love this sorbet colour combination made in Paintbox yarn by @mochi_noodle.

I decided to make these squares into a crochet cushion, originally I had intended to make a bag but on reflection, I thought a cushion would look better with the squares. I used a total of 9 squares comprising of 5 flower squares, 2 Frida squares, and 2 plain granny squares. Joining together with a double crochet seam they formed the front of my cushion. This was not quite big enough for my cushion filler so I used Double Crochet stitches all around to make the square an inch or so bigger, placing it over the cushion to check that this would fit snuggly allowing for a bit of stretch.

I crocheted a plain flap using double crochet to help the cushion stay inside the cover. Buttons, straps or velcro can be added to keep this in place. I am using some buttons I had from my stash.

crochet granny stitch cushion close up
Flap over granny stitch back of the cushion

I then made a granny square back for the cushion. A simple granny stitch was used until it formed a square exactly the same size as the front. I used a different yarn (Aldi, aran weight which is a wool/acrylic blend) for the back as I had some spare and I believe in using as much of my stash as possible. I don’t like waste and I do need to make room for some lovely new yarn now that Autumn is in sight! Living on a boat means that we have a “one in, one out rule”, rarely stuck to but the thought is there!

I crocheted the 2 pieces together using double crochet on the outside of the work as this forms a nice ridge on the seam. Attaching 4 tassels on each corner and wrapping some gold yarn to trim the tassels for a finishing touch I think it turned out beautifully.

Crochet granny square cushion in the front cratch of a narrowboat
Granny Frida Cushion
Black cat and crochet cushion
Vlad clearly underwhelmed by the new cushion.

I am in the process of writing up the pattern in and will add it to the free pattern section when it is ready. If any of you make it please do tag us on Instagram #anziswood or @anziswhimsicalworld. I would absolutely love to see your versions of the Granny Frida Cushion. You can find the free pattern for the Granny Frida Square in the free pattern section also.

Deck chair on towpath next to narrowboat with a patchwork crochet cushion on chair
Granny Frida Cushion

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