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Crochet Pumpkins, Golden Sunsets, and Autumn Spice.

Narrow boat interior

Narrowboat Life and a Free Easy As Pie Crochet Pumpkin Pattern.

Autumn is by far my favourite season. You still have the golden warmth of the summer sun lingering and the most incredible sunsets. The colours along the towpath are particularly vibrant and you can feel the change in the air.

Sunset on the Kennet and Avon

We bring out our snuggly clothing and for a crocheter, it is the perfect time to start a blanket project or to make gloves, wraps and hats. I like to burn pumpkin spice candles and I add ginger, cinnamon and quite often a glug of rum to my coffee. The fragrance and colours of Autumn rival any other season for me. It is the most magical time of the year!

Swan swimming next to narrowboat on canal at dusk
Swan on the Oxford Canal

For a boater, this means that winter closures on certain sections of the canal are imminent and we must plan where we are going to end up for winter. We begin to stock up on coal and kindling, and make sure that everything is painted, varnished and sealed to protect against the harsh winter elements. We also start to dread the fallen leaf-covered locks for fear of slipping and hidden doggy surprises!

Canal lock

Contrary to popular belief, narrowboats are exceptionally warm during the colder months as long as you can afford to burn coal every day (or diesel as the case may be) We collect as much wood as we can along the way over summer to help lower this cost but you would need to carry an awful lot of wood for it to last all winter and coal is better for keeping lit all night.

A roaring fire and a squishy pom- pom rug

We are half-submerged in water so this means that efficient heating is essential. Good insulation helps too and we have heavily insulated our wood cabin. It is a very small space to heat so we are frequently opening hatches and windows to cool down.

Narrow boat interior
Autumn is here!

I am certainly warmer during the colder months than I ever was in my flat, which was a considerable space to heat with enormous windows and terrible insulation.

Inside of narrowboat
Our cosy home.
Crochet pumpkins

Decorating your home for the Autumn season is fun and easy with these simple pumpkin patterns. Making crochet pumpkins was one of my first amigurumi attempts. I absolutely adore how they look! They are so easy to make using simple ribbing technique which can be used for all kinds of crochet creations from cuffs on gloves to cacti. It just involves crocheting in the ” back loop only” and making a rectangle. Super easy! I have written up a quick and easy, free, crochet pumpkin pattern suitable for beginners which you will find below.

You can make them small to use as a garland or keychain or large as a fun d├ęcor item or doorstop. Essentially you can make them to any size which suits your purpose without complicated calculations or problems. Add your own touches with metallic thread, cinnamon stalks, applique or needle felted embellishments. Make any colour you fancy to coordinate with your colour scheme, pastels, as well as traditional oranges and yellows, would look amazing. Use whatever you have around to stuff them, old cushions or pillows can be pulled apart and used as a cheap recycled stuffing material. I love a bit of recycling!

Crochet pumpkins and crochet barn owl
Autumn Feels

To make this Easy As Pie Pumpkin, check out the free pattern here.

Crochet Pumpkin
Easy As Pie Pumpkin

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