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Mini Boho Plant Hanger-Free Pattern Download

crochet plant hanger with tassels and potted succulent hanging on door
crochet plant hanger , hanging on door with succulent plant
Mini Boho Hanger with Aldi faux succulent

A quick and easy make using cotton yarn , this Mini Boho Hanger is perfect for displaying your tiny plants. You can download your free pattern at the end of this post or over on my free patterns page here.

I love the Macramé versions of these plant hangers that are all over Instagram and this is a crochet version that will hold a 6cm pot. I found this lovely little faux succulent in Aldi ,complete with cute glass pot and gravel which also fits perfectly in my recently designed hanger.

Faux succulent in pot and baby spider plant
Faux succulent and baby spider plant.

I have 2 flourishing Spider plants in the boat, they are multiplying like rabbits! There were so many babies hanging off the main plant that they had started to get in the way so I decided to pot them into tiny pots. Not having proper window sills or many surfaces to keep them on I thought I had better find a way to keep them safe from being knocked over.

Hanging spider plant in colourful crochet hanger
Spider plant

I looked at lots of different decorative stitches and decided on the treble cross. Basically you skip a stitch and treble in the following stitch then you work the next treble into the stitch you skipped, this forms a cross and is a simple way of adding texture.

crochet stitch ,crossed trebles
Crossed treble stitch

I use Women’s Institute Home Cotton from Hobbycraft. This is a versatile cotton that I have used to make face scrubbies , market bags, dish cloths and coasters. It replicates the look of Macramé items beautifully and is a cheap and natural fibre. You can purchase this here in a selection of colours. It is an Aran/Worsted weight yarn.

Succulents and air plants are everywhere at the moment, whether you like the real thing or prefer the faux variety there are lots to choose from. They make an attractive addition to the home and with this Mini Boho Hanger you can add a gorgeous piece of detail wherever you fancy. They would also make fabulous last minute presents for friends and family.

You will need a small amount of yarn, a thin piece of dowelling or even a stick from outside, a piece of string to attach to the stick and a little pot. The terracotta ones I use for my spider plants and crochet cacti and succulents measures 6cm high and 6 cm in diameter. They are easy to find on Ebay , Amazon and Asda sells them during the summer . The little faux succulents from Aldi are a fraction smaller and fit perfectly too.

You can adjust the length of the hanger by adding or subtracting rows from the Crossed Trebles rows and add tassels or a fringe. Beads would be a great addition to this bohemian vibe.

Shortened version with fringe

Download your free Mini Boho Plant Hanger pattern below and if you want to be added to our mailing list for more free patterns you can subscribe here.

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Happy Making! x

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