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Mindful Crochet

Crochet colourful blanket on a narrowboat bed made out of tree trunks
Sunrise behind trees next to canal
Sunrise on the canal

Mindfulness is something I am sure a lot of us could do with practicing more of. Being aware of ourselves and the present moment is so important. With the constant bombardment of information and entertainment from modern technology it can be hard to achieve. How many of us have sat in front of the TV and ate a meal without really tasting it? How often do we stare at our phones instead of enjoying the day around us? We worry about the past and future without noticing or appreciating the moment we are in.

Crochet is a fantastic way to stop yourself from spending too much time on social media. I also love to sit outside in my deck chair and crochet a repetitive stitch such as the granny stitch while listening to the birds and feeling the sun on my face. It soothes my soul in a way that nothing else can.

Deck chair in n open firld covered and surrounded in crochet work
My happy place!

I was scrolling through Instagram ( Oh the irony!) when I noticed some beautiful granny stitch blankets made by a few of my Insta buddies. A lady called Emma (@emmaknitty) had created the mindful blanket CAL. This was an idea to use up all your left over yarn and make a joyful happy project that wouldn’t be too taxing on the brain. You get all the colours together you would like to use, tie the ends together and make into a big ball and crochet a granny stitch square. So simple!

I had huge balls of yarn to use up so I started with rows of one colour and alternated with gold and black to give it a dramatic look. The idea of the CAL was that you didn’t have to plan colours or think too much but I found his to be the less anxiety inducing for me than colour going higgledy piggledy! I mixed mostly aran weight with some DK and it worked up really quickly. I had a double bed size blanket completed in 5 days. The soothing rhythm of the granny stitch is perfect to relax and enjoy the moment

I cant tell you how much I love this blanket! Making it was so relaxing and rhythmic, snuggled under it ,sat by the fire with my cats purring next to me I was in heaven. I appreciated every stitch and the end result is just stunning.

Crochet blanket and mug on narrowboat

I am really looking forward to making another but I will have to hold off until I have enough left over yarn!

Crochet colourful blanket on a narrowboat bed made out of tree trunks
Mindful Granny Blanket

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