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Anzi’s Trinkets-A new floating, micro business venture

Fake succulents on a lid tin

Living on a narrowboat has its challenges. The main challenge is earning a living while travelling around. It is not always an easy task so I like to keep my fingers in a few pies so to speak! I have launched a new micro-business. it really doesn’t get much smaller than this! Always inspired by nature and magical tales, Anzi’s Trinkets. a collection of jewellery, keepsake tins and other treasures.

Creating is my passion and I enjoy all kinds of mediums. Crochet is up there at the top but as anyone will tell you who crochets it is very hard to make an income. I made a reasonable income from creating wooden angel wings but I no longer have a spare boat to store them and this has meant that I have needed to come up with something smaller and easier to store. We are currently in the middle of completely refitting a 36ft boat, a full time job in itself! Can you tell what the floor was inspired by?

Chequered optical illusion floor on narrowboat
Down the rabbit hole-narrowboat floor

The main challenge of actually making things on a narrowboat is storage. A narrowboat is 6 ft wide and at the maximum 70ft long. This makes storing the bare necessities a challenge never mind excess crafting materials, tools and stock very difficult.

I have always enjoyed working with clay and had planned to buy a kiln but that will have to wait until we find a piece of land where we can set up a small workshop. The next best thing is polymer clay. It can be moulded, sanded, carved and made into just about anything.

Toadstool topped crochet hook
Toadstool crohet hook

I have a good stash of polymer clay which I have been meaning to turn into something beautiful. I usually use it to make ergonomic handles for my crochet hooks but decided to try and use up some tins I had lurking in a cupboard which I had previously bought to keep some balms in that I wanted to make. I never got around to making the balms, another thing to add to the ‘to do’ list! I am such a fickle crafter, it must be the Gemini in me!

Fake succulent tin
Succulent Tin

The tins are the perfect size to keep stitch markers or pins but I couldn’t just leave them plain I had to try out some ideas. As always inspired by nature I created a few with a woodland theme and then moved onto succulents. I am so pleased with how they turned out! I went on to make some Chronicles of Narnia inspired pots, one with the wardrobe and one with the lamppost. I am still a huge fan of The Narnia stories, I loved escaping into the magical tales and still do as an adult! I am currently listening to the audiobook amongst a few other stories. If you haven’t discovered audiobooks yet they are a great way to craft and listen. I find Tv too distracting so they are perfect. I can thoroughly recommend The Shining too, it is very well narrated.

Narnia lampost on snowy tin
The Narnia Lampost
Narnia wadrobe on snow tin
The Narnia Wardrobe

I dragged out my jewellery box, not the kind that most females have. Mine is a Stanley toolbox with all kinds of findings, tools and bits and bobs to make jewellery and started to create a few pendants. Inspired by the succulent tins I had made they took shape.

Stone  pendant with succulent decoration
Pebble and Succulent Pendant
succulent display pendant
Diamante Succulent Pendant

I have made quite a few items now and decided to list some on Etsy here and put a few in our website shop. It is so hard to decide where to list items as the internet is a huge place and getting things seen is not always easy. I have created a separate Etsy shop specifically for my polymer clay creations which will mainly be jewellery to see what sells and hopefully create enough items to attend some craft shows later in the year.

I am very excited about this new micro adventure! The items will mainly be plants and flora themed with no 2 being exactly the same. So grab yourself a unique gift for yourself or loved one a support a small business!

Check out Anzi’s Trinkets here. More items listed soon

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  1. david cooke says:

    Hi Sinade and Matty hope your doing well I know you can trade on Amazon with a business account with them and of coarse ebay my Auntie Irene is artistic she makes pottery pigs are a big seller honest the girls go mad for them and the styles and colours are infinitive small fat ones skinny ones pink blue and green ones you get the idea I think you would need a kiln hot furnace type set up to glaze them so I dont know anyway away she sails captain lol

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