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River Stour waterfall
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Waterfalls, gypsy horses and sunsets.

The winter is over and it is time for us to start travelling again. We have doubled back on ourselves to avoid a river journey. Travelling on rivers can be precarious depending on the water levels and so we are taking the easy route. Heading back to Birmingham and then hopefully onto the Coventry canal …

narrowboat on canal
Crochet Narrowboat travels

Goodbye January! Hello Saint Brighid’s Day!New Beginnings and Adventure.

I think a lot of people are glad to see the back of January. It is a hard month for some financially and many are still reeling from the effects of Christmas stresses and expectations. February is a month of new beginnings! January has been a month of both planning and procrastinating .So many plans, …

Crochet Narrowboat travels

Move Day- Crochet essentials for a winter cruise.

Living on a boat has its challenges. Storing and fetching water is one. Every two weeks or so we must replenish our water supplies and also move to comply with licence conditions. Keeping warm is so important and my crochet essentials are always with me. I am not the most organised of people but I …

crochet shawl with flowers

Learn to crochet. Top tips to start crocheting. Pick up that hook and start learning today!

­I have lost count of the number of people who have told me they wished they could crochet. Most say things like ” Oh but I’m just not creative! ” or ” I just don’t have time to learn!” I felt like that too, less than 1 year ago. I had tried and failed over …