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Kitty Fishy- Amigurumi Goldfish.

Crochet goldfish in bowl

These cute little fishies can be whipped up in a flash. Put them in a glass bowl with gravel and a little crocheted pond weed for an everlasting pet. No tears and toilet burials with these little cuties! Or you can stuff with cat nip and give to your kitties as a toy. Attached to …


Amigurumi fun!Books and ideas.

Crochet mouse in a sunflower

  If you don’t know already Amigurumi is the Japanese art of making something small and cute by crochet or knitting. Usually stuffed the creations can range from cakes to sea monsters. Anything goes! There are so many fantastic amigurumi ideas and books out there to help you create some fantastic cute and realistic creations. …

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A long journey- Plan B,or maybe C and D! Narrowboat Decisions.


It has been a while since I last posted about our narrowboat travels! A busy few months indeed! We travelled from the bottom of the flight near Stourbridge to Wolverhampton and then on to Birmingham. Due to the fact that we rarely plan anything properly we came across a few stumbling blocks. During winter there …

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Fabulous Frida!

Chair and Frida cushion

This fun applique pattern can be used to embellish plain canvas bags, denim jackets, cushions and shawls. Let your imagination run wild! This is my crochet homage to the wonderful artist and amazing character that is Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo was a remarkable woman. Born in the early 1900s she was an artist who painted …

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Waterfalls, gypsy horses and sunsets.

River Stour waterfall

The winter is over and it is time for us to start travelling again. We have doubled back on ourselves to avoid a river journey. Travelling on rivers can be precarious depending on the water levels and so we are taking the easy route. Heading back to Birmingham and then hopefully onto the Coventry canal …


7 Crochet Habits To Start Right Now.

Crochet flower granny square

Are you relatively new to crochet? Maybe you haven’t picked up a hook in years and want to get going again. Perhaps you have been crocheting for a while now but spend a lot of time frogging rather than stitching. We all make mistakes, even expert crocheters! While it is absolutely fine to make mistakes, …

Crochet Narrowboat travels

Goodbye January! Hello Saint Brighid’s Day!New Beginnings and Adventure.

narrowboat on canal

I think a lot of people are glad to see the back of January. It is a hard month for some financially and many are still reeling from the effects of Christmas stresses and expectations. February is a month of new beginnings! January has been a month of both planning and procrastinating .So many plans, …